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Reserve Financial Consulting has been providing quality financial advice in the Bayside area of Melbourne since 2009. Since this time, Principal Financial Adviser Richard Shermon has developed many meaningful relationships with clients who value his professional and reliable advice.

Richard has over 30 years of experience in the financial planning industry. His detailed knowledge of investments and regulations has resulted in a long-standing reputation for providing his clients with sound financial advice. Richard specialises in quality advice, solutions and strategies in relation to Investments, Insurance, Pensions, and Superannuation (including Self-Managed Super Funds).

At Reserve Financial Consulting, Richard understands the significance and value of financial planning whether it’s for an individual, couple, family or any type of business. He firmly believes it is important to know how and where your money is spent and to ensure that you and your family are financially protected against life’s unexpected adversities.

He is committed to providing his clients with financial certainty and clarity with services and solutions that are tailor-made to their unique circumstances and requirements.

“It gives me assurance of a job done well, when I know my clients are educated through the process and able to understand why and where their money has been invested. I’d rather have my clients make independent decisions than follow my advice blindly.”

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