Financial advice for those facing separation or divorce

As your trusted financial advisor, our aim is to provide you with a clear plan regarding your current financial circumstances and future needs.

Regardless of our best made plans, many relationships end in divorce or separation. This can be emotionally stressful not just for the two individuals involved but for the entire family, especially if there are children involved. In addition to the emotional upheaval, there are often complex financial affairs that need to be considered and addressed.

A relationship breakdown is not something we expect and often leaves many women financially vulnerable, not knowing how to best manage their finances. In our experience, we often find strategic financial planning (such as managing investments and retirement plans) are generally managed by the male partner in the household creating a disparity of financial knowledge for a wife.

A lack of understanding of jointly-held investments and other financial arrangements can be confusing and cause distress at what is already a difficult time.

At Reserve Financial Consulting, we work with separated women and widows who require assistance in managing their financial affairs following the deterioration of a relationship or the death of a spouse. It’s something we handle with sensitivity and compassion in what can often be a difficult and emotional time.

If you’re facing a similar situation, or know someone who is, it can be reassuring to talk to a qualified professional who can help.

Reserve Financial Consulting