Our Fees and Process

At Reserve Financial Consulting, we follow a simple approach and focus on providing our clients with a high quality service. Our first meeting is where we get to know one another and understand your circumstances so we can progress further. This stage is important as it forms the basis for the preparation of your plan and our working relationship as client and adviser. We encourage our clients to share any relevant details and financial matters, as this will help to ensure that the advice and recommendations we put forward are truly reflective of your needs and circumstances.

We then move onto the next stage which involves developing a financial plan for you. Our consulting advice is provided in an open and transparent fee-for-service basis with no upfront or ongoing commissions.

The initial fee for the preparation of your plan generally depends on the complexity of your requirements and the corresponding time involved in the development and implementation of your financial strategy. As a general guide, a standard plan may cost in the vicinity of $3,000 (plus GST).

We also offer a supplementary service of ongoing financial advice which involves providing you with regular advice on financial matters, quarterly market updates and an annual review of your plan to make sure you remain on track.

The fee for this service generally depends on the level of support required by a client and is a fixed amount per month. Our standard fee for this ongoing service is $225 (plus GST) per month which is often tax-deductible.

For further details and a personalised quote, please contact us to have an initial discussion.

Reserve Financial Consulting