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“Just a brief note to say I am very satisfied with the financial plan you’ve established for me. I am particularly appreciative of your advice on where to invest cash for maximum returns and maximising my superannuation arrangements for retirement. Thank you for your follow-up regarding the remaining actions I need to take, your attention to detail and helpful manner is much appreciated”

FE, Beaumaris, Melbourne

“Richard is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in this business and he has a wealth of knowledge for clients to tap into. Apart from his skill, manner and understanding, he is refreshingly open about remuneration, the area where most feel they are being “done”.

AB, Brighton, Melbourne

“I was delighted that Richard provided me with an accurate account of my portfolio to-date, in a conclusive financial review and easy to understand document. I came away feeling reassured and confident not just in the suggested changes that I needed to make to improve my portfolio, but also in my previous decisions. I am a sole parent of two and Richard provided me with achievable long-term plans and goals to protect me and my family. I feel a lot more relaxed knowing that my super and savings are in a better home and that my UK and Australian investments have been reviewed thoroughly. Thank you Richard for helping me keep my sanity!”

TT, Shanghai, China

“Thanks for helping us establish a financial plan that will assist us in the long term. Life today is often so busy that we forget to stop and check, both where we are, and where we are headed financially. With your advice and support we already feel back in control of our financial situation. And we now have an achievable plan for the future”

Mother, Mentone, Melbourne

“We have found Richard to be a very competent Financial Advisor, who took the time to listen very carefully to our financial situation and make appropriate recommendations. He was also flexible in reacting to feedback we provided. His experience in the industry shows in his depth of knowledge. He can be relied upon to provide honest, accurate, and appropriate financial advice, and we look forward to dealing with him on a long term basis.”

G&C, Beaumaris, Melbourne

“I would like to thank Richard for the excellent financial plan he produced for me and my family. The comprehensive plan covered all the financial goals that my wife and I had agreed upon in a clear and actionable way. The solutions he recommended for our superannuation and insurance needs, also saved us money to help us pay off our mortgage more quickly and grow our superannuation funds faster. I would not hesitate in recommending Richard’s services to other families.”

Retired Couple, Beaumaris, Melbourne

“I feel a lot happier now that we have cleaned up and consolidated our financial affairs and hopefully reduced our overall exposures. Your explanations of where we were and the options available were very clear with well researched recommendations. The implementation plan was practical and easy to follow and we are certainly comfortable that you have us on the right track.”

JT, Beaumaris
Reserve Financial Consulting